Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an effective solution for heating and cooling all types of buildings and are available in various types for different applications. The most common types of heat pumps in use are:

  • Air to Air: uses heat energy contained in the outside air as a source of free heat. This heat is delivered directly into the air of an indoor space by fan assisted units.
  • Water to Water: work in the same way as Air to Air except that the heat source is generally ground water from a river or pond. The heat is then transferred to an indoor space via radiators or fan-coil units.
  • Water to Air: similar to Water to Water, however the heat in the water is transferred into the air rather than radiators or fan-coils.
  • Air to Water: heat from the outside air is transferred into water used in radiators or fan coils.
  • Ground source: uses heat energy that is transferred from the sun into the ground and can be used in both air and water heating systems.

Heat pump installation services
We offer a comprehensive heat pump service which includes design, supply and installation. Your project will be managed from start to finish by our team of professional engineers.

All our works are guaranteed.

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