Power Flushing

Reasons to powerflush
Power flushing services are required by many households. Overtime, your central heating system can suffer from reduced flow caused by a sludge build up. To keep your central heating system flowing and working efficiently, and reduce energy bills, a power flush is the answer to your problems.

How a power flush is carried out
Econ ltd will turn up with a dedicated flushing pump, which use’s high volume, velocity and low pressure to clean through your system. Specialist chemicals are used to loosen then mobilise any sludge deposits in the pipes and radiators, then effectively flushing them out. The chemicals used to power flush your system will be chosen to the exact requirements. The system will be flushed methodically and thoroughly pipe by pipe radiator by radiator including the boiler. Once the whole system thoroughly flushed we will refill it with clean water, and corrosion inhibitor will be added to your system.

Econ ltd will normally complete power flush in one day, but it does depend on the type of system and the number of radiators.

All our works are guaranteed.

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